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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you reach out - see if you can find the answer to the question in the FAQ below.

How often do you upload YouTube videos?

I publish a new YouTube video every 2-3 weeks.
Additionally, I publish short videos weekly.

Do you upload videos to another platforms?

I do! You can find my short videos on both TikTok and Instagram Reels (as well as on YouTube's Short section).

Are you hiring video editors for your channel?

I'm not actively looking, but if you think you can add value, please do reach out and tell me more!

Are you open for video sponsorships?

Not at the moment. But I will keep this page updated if this changes in the future.

Are you hiring developers for your startups?

We're not actively looking at the moment. But you are very welcome to reach out and send me your CV.

Are you open for creator collaborations?

I am very open for that! If you think we can collaborate in some way, please reach out.